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Personnel and Partners

  • CC Energy Consulting has teamed with several Senior Consultants with

    • over 120 years of combined experience in hydrogen, material science and alternative energy technology and systems in industrial, academic and government institutions

    • world-class, international expertise in this field.


Claudio Corgnale, Founder and President​​

Dr. Corgnale has a PhD in mechanical engineering and is known internationally for his experience and expertise in renewable energy systems, with particular emphasis on hydrogen systems and thermal energy storage systems. He has been involved in the design, assessment and testing of hydrogen production processes. Dr. Corgnale has also been working on hydrogen storage, thermochemical energy storage systems and hydrogen compression and delivery systems. He has been carrying out techno-economic-financial studies, material development research and he has coordinated experimental tests for cryogenic adsorbent systems, high temperature materials and high-pressure hydrogen absorption systems. Dr. Corgnale was part of the US Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence, where he developed techno-economic analysis models for solid state hydrogen storage systems and detailed transport models for carbon and metal organic framework adsorption materials. He has been the principal investigator of several multi-million private and DOE funded projects, including renwable energy driven hydrogen production plants (e.g. wind electrolysis plants, photoelectrochamical hydrogen production systems, thermochemical hydrogen production systems), alternative hydrogen compression systems (metal hydride compressors) and stationary regenerative fuel cell systems.

Theodore Motyka, Senior Consultant

Dr. Motyka has a PhD. In Chemical Engineering and has extensive experience in hydrogen storage, production and fuel cell systems and served as the Deputy Director of the DOE Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence. He also served as the first Hydrogen Program Manager for the Savannah River National Laboratory. Dr. Motyka has served as Chairman of the SC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance (SHEA). He brings over 30 years of expertise in hydrogen RD&D and program management to support hydrogen and alternative energy solutions.  



Robert C. Bowman Jr., Senior Consultant

Dr. Bowman earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Most of his research during the past 50+ years has been on the properties and applications of metal hydrogen systems. He performed and led studies on the development and characterization of advanced metal hydrides and carbon-based hydrogen storage materials. At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) he was the lead engineer/task manager during the development, fabrication, testing and delivery of space flight qualified hydride sorbent beds with gas gap thermal switches for closed-cycle Joule-Thomson refrigerators that generated liquid hydrogen onboard the Planck Mission satellite. As a senior staff member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was a technical advisor on hydrogen storage materials and systems with the U.S. DOE Fuel Cell Technology Program Office. Dr. Bowman has over 300 publications in journals, conference proceedings, and review chapters. 

James F. Shackelford, Senior Consultant

Dr. Shackelford has BS and MS degrees in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at McMaster University in Canada, he joined the University of California, Davis, where he is currently Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. A member of the American Ceramic Society and ASM International, he was named a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society in 1992 and a Fellow of ASM International in 2011. He has been a consultant for various organizations including the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Calpine’s geothermal power plants at The Geysers in Northern California. He has published over 150 archived papers and books including Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers now in its 9th Edition and which has been translated into Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish and the CRC Materials Science and Engineering Handbook now in its 4th Edition.


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