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​CC Energy Consulting 

Who we are...

CC Energy Consulting and its partners have over 120 years of experience and expertise in developing, assessing, testing and evaluating clean and renewable energy systems for both government and industrial customers. While our expertise is in a wide variety of renewable energy technologies, material science applications and glasses, CC Energy Consulting has extensive expertise in hydrogen energy systems.


This expertise includes production, also integrated with other renewable and alternative energy systems, storage, compression, transport, delivery and utilization of hydrogen as well as material discovery for hydrogen energy systems. Our expertise includes technical proposal management and writing, techno-economic evaluations, financial assessments, system and component modeling, and providing unique advice and solutions to a broad range of energy issues.  

Target market and customers include: industrial, governmental and academic institutions working in clean and renewable energy research, development, demonstration and commercialization. The business operates at national and international level, including European and Asian markets and customers.

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