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CC Energy Consulting LLC – is a small business specializing in providing expert advice and identifying and realizing novel solutions in deploying clean and renewable energy technologies and systems. 

CC Energy Consulting can also provide proposal support and development for Department of Energy and other Federal Agency Opportunities and Grants.


CC Energy Consulting and its partners have over 90 years of experience and expertise in developing, testing and evaluating clean and renewable energy systems for both government and industrial customers.

While our expertise is in a wide variety of renewable energy technologies, CC Energy Consulting has extensive expertise in hydrogen energy systems. 

Today's Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen Trends

  • Global annual renewable capacity broke a new record in 2021 to almost 295 GW in spite of Covid

  • Renewable capacity is expected to increase to 320 GW in 2022

  • Global annual hydrogen demand today is almost 100 million tonnes

  • US annual production is about 10 million tonnes and is second only to China in total hydrogen use and production

  • Today only about 1% of US hydrogen production is Green but Green hydrogen production is growing rapidly

  • By 2030 production of low-emission hydrogen could reach 16-24 tonnes

  • The US is currently behind China and most European Union countries in producing Green hydrogen

  • Recently the US Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that includes $9.5 billion for clean and Green hydrogen

  • The US Congress also passed the Inflation Reduction Act which includes $369 billion over 10 years to address energy security and climate change

  • A key component of the IRA is a tax credit intended to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies such as Green hydrogen

  • The Green hydrogen market is projected to reach $7 billion  by 2027

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